Embracing Diversity for a More Humane World.

About Us

We are a collaborative agency of diversity, equity, and inclusion professionals who have a collective 150 years in the field of diversity work.

About Our Work

We specialize in supporting individuals, schools, organizations, non-profits, and businesses in developing an individualized diversity trajectory to address issues of race, national origin, culture, language, and community. 

What is Diversity,
Equity, and Inclusion

It’s more than simply including diverse voices. Multiple identities, cultures, languages, sizes, abilities, and communities must be included and consulted if we are truly committed to equity. These voices must also be embedded in our practices, policies, procedures, and everyday consciousness. We must specifically think about those who are vulnerable, marginalized, and underserved; and actively engage these voices via inclusive practices and behaviors.

About Dr. Darlene Sampson

Dr. Darlene Sampson lives by her late parent’s mantra: “Giving back to others is in your DNA-you must respect and honor the shoulders you have stood on.” With that thinking in mind, Dr. Sampson has maintained a space of social justice and cultural humility as she works across the education and social work fields as an administrator, leader, equity specialist, and counselor. 

Dr. Sampson joined the Equity Assistance Centers after working as a Clinical Field Faculty in the Department of Social Work at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Her previous work in schools as a Director of Culturally Responsive Education, coupled with teaching and social work in schools rounds out her professional experiences.

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I was intimidated by DEI work. I appreciated Dr. Sampson helping us to gain confidence in talking about tough topics and in giving us a roadmap for our company.

–Hannah/Denver Art Museum

We spent an entire school year learning about equity, bias, microaggressions, culturally responsive teaching & culturally responsive family engagement. Every session was engaging & Dr. Sampson’s sense of humor helped to make the hard work easier.

–Michael/Assistant Principal

THANK YOU for spending your morning with us.  Your words were terrific – gave folks who needed a place to start the way to start, and really fed the soul of so many of our team members who have been engaging in this work for years.  I’m so glad to be connected, and to continue working together

– Will/MSU Denver

“Not everything that is faced can be changed…but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

–James Baldwin

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