About Dr. Darlene Sampson

Dr. Darlene Sampson lives by her late parent’s mantra“Giving back to others is in your DNA-you must respect and honor the shoulders you have stood on.” With that thinking in mind, Dr. Sampson has maintained a space of social justice and cultural humility as she works across the education and social work fields as an administrator, leader, equity specialist, and counselor.

Dr. Sampson joined the Equity Assistance Centers after working as a Clinical Field Faculty in the Department of Social Work at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Her previous work in schools as a Director of Culturally Responsive Education, coupled with teaching and social work in schools rounds out her professional experiences. 

Her lived experiences as a Black woman assist her in infusing empathy for others particularly around the intersectional spaces of gender and race. Dr. Sampson’s professional goals are to infuse culturally responsive consciousness, promote inclusive pedagogy, integrate equity infusions, and promote systemic change for all. 

She has been a social worker, program manager, consultant, and educator for 30+ years. Her call to teaching, consulting, and community-based practice occurred as a result of the many mentors in her life who demonstrated excellence in regard to communities of color. In addition to many professional mentors, Dr. Sampson was influenced by her nine siblings, and the spiritual foundation instilled by her parents as a young child. 

Dr. Sampson has a Bachelor’s Degree in Rehabilitation and Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado, a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Denver, and a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado Denver. Her research and published work is focused in the areas of academic performance specifically relating to Children of Color. Specialties include:

  • Parent Engagement
  • Program Review
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Racial Bullying
  • Culturally Responsive Social Work and Mental Wellness
  • Authentic Engagement in Schools
  • Disproportionality and Equity Reviews
  • Equity Trajectories
  • Consultation
  • Culturally Responsive Curricular Augmentation

In her spare time, Dr. Sampson travels abroad, loves Mexican food, enjoys her large extended family, loves to ride her cruiser bike, and enjoys nurturing her two grandchildren.