DEI Consulting for Business

We offer a 5-part Equity & Culturally Responsive Training Series for Businesses that is anchored in cultural humility and rooted in best practices. This series can be customized based on organization, availability, data challenges, and other extenuating factors.

The 5-Part Equity and Culturally Responsive Trajectory for Businesses

Infusion #1

  • Leadership Preparation & Support for the Culturally Responsive Trajectory
  • Development of Leading for Equity Statements
  • Agency Climate Assessment
  • Data evaluation and analysis specifically
  • related to Disproportionality & Culturally Responsive Indicators
  • Review of existing Mission Statement
  • Development of an in-house Equity Team to sustain the work

Infusion #2

  • Leadership Training
  • Individual Assessment (Inside Out Work)
  • Courageous Circles (power, privilege, fragility, responsiveness)
  • Commonality Circles
  • Microaggressions
  • Implicit/Explicit Bias/Multiple “Isms”
  • Intersectionality
  • Structural Bias
  • Assessment of Organizational Structure
  • Image Assessment & equity language check

Infusion #3

  • Culturally Responsive Engagement Training I, II (1/2 day) *can be conducted over an extended period
  • Assessment by individual, content area, department or organization
  • Policy & procedure review
  • Title IX Training & policy and implementation review
  • Social media review

Infusion #4

  • Planned Culturally Responsive Activities
  • Culturally Responsive Community Engagement & Agency Management
  • Culturally Responsive Policy/Procedure & Budget
  • Evaluation
  • Development of Climate Watcher Consciousness (Guardians of Equity)
  • Sustainability/Action Planning

Note: Some agencies/systems are ready for large plans, and others must begin the trajectory carefully. Whatever the culture, we will thoughtfully develop a plan based in culturally responsive best practices that is anchored in the needs of your organization

Infusion #5

  • Culturally Responsive Family/Community Consciousness
  • Disproportionality assessment and evaluation
  • Disproportionality Recommendations
  • Culturally Responsive Professional Development
  • The “Grit” Myth/Structural Inequities Maintained by Systems & Meritocracy

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