DEI Consulting for Organizations

We offer a 5-part Equity & Culturally Responsive Training Series for Organizations that is anchored in cultural humility and rooted in best practices. This series can be customized based on organization, availability, data challenges, and other extenuating factors.

The 5-Part Equity and Culturally Responsive Trajectory for Organizations

Infusion #1
Leading for Equity

  • Leadership Sets the Tone
  • Mining for Equity in Data
  • Creating Equity Leadership Statements
  • Crafting the Work

Infusion #2
Beginning the Journey from the “Inside Out”

  • Self-assessment
  • Bias & microaggressions in expectations, relationships & policies & procedures

Infusion #3
Embedding Culturally Responsive Practices in our work

  • Equity Practice
  • Making Commitments

Infusion #4
Individualized Organizational Training Needs

  • Building Your Own Work

Infusion #5
Sustaining the Work/Developing Equity Teams

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